Doing Barcelona with the Kids

by : Gaizka Pujana

When taking children on a trip to Barcelona, you will undoubtedly want to fit places that into your itinerary that will interest the little ones as well. Thankfully, there is a lot to see and do in this wonderful city, even if you're under a meter high!

What visit would be complete without a trip to the zoo? Everybody, young and old, will enjoy Barcelon's lovely zoo that was famous for Snowflake, the Albino gorilla until he passed away. Today, visitors can see a wide range of exciting and exotic animals, ranging from dolphins to Iberian wolves, from the red panda to the Eurasian otter. There is an impressive conservation center at the zoo that is bound to be of great interest to the kids.

On the subject of wildlife, children will fall in love with over 10,000 fish and underwater creatures that live at the Barcelona Aquarium. Kids will be absolutely mesmerized watching this secret world unfold before their very eyes in front of the 35 tanks that make up the aquarium. The aquarium regularly holds workshops, theater activities and story telling sessions, so it is a good idea to watch out for upcoming events on its website.

For little boys (and bigger boys too!) the Barcelona Football Club Museum is a definite must. Absolutely everything about this famous team, from historical photographs to interesting paraphernalia, is housed in this 3,500 square meter complex. There is also an art museum for mom to meander around while the boys gape at Barca exhibits.

Barcelona's answer to Disneyworld can be found just 90 minutes out of the city in the form of Port Aventura a wonderful activity park that is divided into five exciting areas for children to enjoy. A full day 'or even longer' can be spent in Imperial China, the Far West, the jungles of Polynesia, Aztec Mexico or in the Mediterranean, enjoying theme-related rides, shows, shops and restaurants. The park caters for kids of all ages from the very little ones who would appreciate gentler rides, to adrenaline junkies who need their fix from rides such as the notorious Dragon Khan or Furious Bacus.

Finally, if Port Aventura is not your style, or you are simply after a slower change of pace, don't miss out on a visit to the nostalgic Tibidabo a one hundred year old funfair that boasts some of the best views of the city. The park is packed with delightful amusement park offerings, including the must-ride funicular railway. While Tibidabo's rides are reasonably tame compared to Port Aventura, there is something about the charm and historical importance of this park that makes it a firm favorite among children.

As can be seen, a visit to Barcelona needn't be a headache with children of any ages. Combined with other natural attractions such as the long stretches of beaches along the coast, no kid should ever go bored in this stunning city.