Eco-friendly Town Comes to Leeds

by : Karri Madelline

The Isle of Man-based Oulton Hall Estates and the Yorkshire firm GMI Property Company Ltd submitted an ‘expression of interest’ document to the Department for Communities and the local government in the autumn of last year.

The expression of interest document stated that there were planning to dig up the A642 Leeds-Wakefield Road and replace it with a dual carriageway.

The proposed sites would see registered green belt land in Leeds being used for an eco-friendly housing estate, which will include the areas Rothwell, Oulton and Woodlesford.

The secret document uncovered a scheme to make a south Leeds suburb into a new eco-town called ‘The Greens.’

Oulton Hall Estates and GMI hope that they will receive the go ahead for the radical scheme.

If permission is granted for the large-scale development the site would include 9,000 carbon neutral homes spreading over 800 acres.

All homes would be installed with electricity saving devices such as sonar panels and wind turbines will be included on all the sites.

The plans also revealed the proposal to develop the surrounding grounds of Oulton Hall and double the size of Oulton.

The expansion of the village of Carlton to at least three times its original size was also included in the plans.

They will also introduce six new schools in the new development and will include both primary and secondary schools.

An Emblem of the new town’s pioneering spirit will be showcased by a giant bubble sculpture at the centre of the town.

The two companies Oulton Hall Estates and GMI are already in control of the 800 acres of the land needed for the scheme.

The proposed sites will initially build 5,000 houses, with plans to increase the number to a total of 9,000 in the coming years.