New Girlfriends

by : Ken Marlborough

Depending on the depth of knowledge each partner has about the other, there are various do's and don'ts regarding new girlfriends. But first you must know that the initiation of a successful relationship depends on a) whether either of you is fresh out of an earlier relationship or relationships, b) whether this is your or her first relationship ever, and c) the amount of time that has passed since your or her last relationship.

Like a new job or apartment, a new girlfriend brings a host of changes in your world. You should be careful in such a new relationship. Remember that with everything new comes a great sense of apprehensiveness - both for you and for her. An overstepping and overenthusiastic romantic partner is not exactly a perfect remedy to this apprehensiveness.

Certainly there will be some awkward moments between the two of you during the first few dates and meetings, but those moments should be seen as mere teething pains. It is a good idea to find out your new girlfriend's likes and dislikes, so that dates and outings are entertaining for both of you.

Personal space is one of the most important factors in a relationship. Even in the thickest of relationships there are times when a person just wants to be alone. This is most common when one has a new girlfriend, but the rule applies to relationships of all durations – even marriages.

Finally, you should display a basic opening of yourself to your new girlfriend. Recounting one's past to a new girlfriend is a safe way to built trust and intimacy. Remember that it isn't necessary for you to give the "gory and graphic details" of a past broken relationship, but it is alright to brief her on your previous relations.

Time and exploration are two of the most important and exciting ways to strengthen your relationship with your new girlfriend. At the same time, you shouldn't be overbearing or overcurious, since this will only feed her natural apprehensiveness, making her clam up.