In Search Of... the Perfect Housewarming Gift Idea

by : Peggy McArdle

Think about the significant moves you have made in your life... your first apartment... your first home... perhaps even moving to a brand new city. Whatever your scenario, chances are that someone special in your life wanted you to feel warmly welcomed into your new "digs" by presenting you with a housewarming gift idea that remains as memorable today as it was the day you received it. Keeping this thought top of mind, we offer a few friendly pointers to assist you when it's your turn to reciprocate the welcome:


When you approach "gifting" as a means to touch someone's heart, giving a gift is equally as enjoyable as receiving one when concentrated thought and effort are put into the gift prior to its purchase.

One of the best ways to achieve this feeling, and in order to create a unique housewarming gift, we recommend choosing a variety of small gift items within a specific theme that you know will be very personal to your gift recipient(s).

For example, maybe your new home dwellers have a fondness for all things Italian. Why not "gift" all the makings and trimmings for an Italian dinner at home! Don't concentrate strictly on edible gift items (more on this in the point below), but think about providing tangible gift items to create a full-rounded housewarming gift presentation -- things like an oil bottle with matching dipping dishes, a pasta bowl, a red and white checkered tablecloth, wine glasses, etc. Voila! Theme + Variety = Happy Gift Recipients.


Don't get us wrong, we love a traditional housewarming gift that includes a box of fine chocolates or a bottle of sparkling champagne as much as anyone. But keep in mind that once the delectable treats are gone, so too will be the memory of the gift you have given!

With that said, why not include a candy dish in a whimsical design to display the gift of chocolates? And if wine or champagne is your gift of choice, bottle coasters or "sleeves" are extremely popular and come in a variety of styles and materials.

Think about a tangible gift item you received and have used time and again over the years. Chances are, memories of the person who gave you the gift will surely be top of mind each time it's used. Now THAT's our favorite kind of housewarming gift idea!


Whenever possible, go out of your way to find a personalized housewarming gift. By "personalized," we are not necessarily talking about something engraved or embroidered with someone's name or initials. Instead, put some careful consideration into a gift that you know will touch someone on a personal level. The best gift items are those whose price value is outweighed by their sentimental value.

Another good idea is to hand write a note or card expressing your warm congratulations. There is something very personal about taking the time to put your thoughts into writing, and it's a pretty safe bet that your note will be kept as a special memento for years to come.