A Million Dollar Gift

by : Arleen M. Kaptur

The Holiday Season and stores are decorated with joyous colors and accents. The cash registers are ringing in tune with the jingling of jingle bells and everyone has a list "a mile long" of what to buy and for whom.

There are many individuals that are probably not on your current list of "gift getters." They are, however, just as important and just as deserving of a token or two of appreciation. Yet, they are overlooked, and many tiems not even physically seen. We are busy, rushing to and fro, and there are distractions from our intended errands and places to stop.

Wait a minute, you may say. I've already made out a budget and not even one shiny penny can be added. I've overstretched myself already, and ....

Wait a minute, just one minute, and that's exactly what you need. A smile takes less than a minute, a warm "hello" or "thank you" is precious and lingers in the air like a warm fuzzy blanket. While money can purchase some of the finest, most elaborate gift selections, your taking the time, yes, just a minute, to acknowledge, stop, or even just smile at bank tellers, clerks, passerbys, older individuals, small children, harried moms, and worried dads. The price - priceless!

Its the accumulated total of all those "little" touches during the Holiday Season that make the tree lights brighter, and the snow whiter; the carols are more joyous, and the weather - well, even the cold has a strange "warmth" to it.

You leave your house with a to-do list in your wallet or purse. You come home and your to-do list is almost done and your wallet or purse is a bit lighter, unless you could those credit-card receipts that are weighing it down a bit. But, somehow, the Christmas spirit has crept silently, very quietly, into your heart. You have a spring in your step, and a melody going through your mind. The coffee at the coffee shop tasted just a bit mellower and the waitress was really quite nice. The clerk was rushed but seemed to take that extra minute to help you out and when you thanked her, her face just lit up. The older lady sitting down on the mall bench seemed tired, but responded with a smile that could melt your heart as you passed by and said "Merry Christmas."

The receipt for all these little extras in your day - a million dollars and all deposited right into your heart. The kids are just not making as much noise today, and making dinner is a breeze. You welcome the night and sleep like a baby and you actually look forward to tomorrow.

You take a reality check - did everything really go smoothly yesterday or was there a bit of Christmas magic dused on your jacket as you passed that sidewalk Santa Claus. Something to think aboutBusiness Management Articles, isn't it?
?Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 November