Try These Ideas for a Great Mens Gift Basket

by : Kimallarie

Are you looking for a gift for one of the men in your life? Want to wish Dad a happy Father's Day? Is it time to congratulate a friend on a promotion? Mr. Right's birthday coming up next week? Whatever the occasion, a gift basket is a wonderful way to give men just what they need, or something they would really appreciate.

A wide range of choices are available for men's gift baskets. A chuck wagon can easily be filled with his favorite beef jerky. A bottle of cologne that your man has been wanting may be revealed as a tiny James Bond Aston Martin pops its top. It's even possible for a simple basket to hold a dozen of those specialty beers that he's seen advertised.

There's no end to the possibilities you can consider. A golf enthusiast would love a basket containing tiny golf clubs and real golf balls, while a baseball fan would enjoy a bucket with a ball and pennants that support his favorite team. Don't forget to get him the chips for the game, too! A snacker would like a gift basket full of special nuts or scrumptious chocolates.

Maybe you're searching for a gift basket for an outdoorsy man. You could select a basket that is full of pine cones and fish hooks. Maybe the gift basket can hold a pair of miniature skis surrounded by hot chocolate to be enjoyed at the end of a run. Coffee would be a nice thing to put in a gift basket - he could share it with his friends.

Wines and cheeses make for a great gift basket for a man. His favorite Syrah can be nestled in the midst of gourmet Gouda or Brie. A superb bottle of port surrounded by Muenster won't last long. A Gewrztraminer will look enticing when set beside a fine cheddar.

Your man's gift basket should fit the occasion. For example, an elegant pen set is the ideal present to celebrate a promotion at work. Surround it with an agenda book containing quotes to inspire the next move up the ladder. Commemorate that prize for the best ship in a bottle or first place in the bowling league by arranging a gift basket with either tiny sailing ships or miniature bowling balls surrounding a good wine or favorite beer.

Looking for a way to tell a man how what a lovely person he is even though he's not celebrating anything in particular? There's a great barbecue gift basket that comes with a protective apron, great barbecue tools and all sorts of delicious sauces. Try to get a basket with a message that tells everyone that this man is the 'World's Greatest Husband' (or brother / father / whatever the relationship). You could also add a personalized message of your own.

You can get gift baskets appropriate for any event, whether it's something to do with work or business, or whether it's a personal remembrance like a birthday or an anniversary. It doesn't matter why you want to share joy in some way with this gentleman, what matters is that a gift basket would make the ideal gift at any time.