Silent Plague in home

by : Jim Corkern

It may seem a little strange to see a headline like that but it is a fact. A fairly new kind of business Industry Has been starting up to help people avoid and eliminate one of the most dangerous yet common health problems in the world these days.

Black mold or Toxic mold is one of the most common yet dangerous things that threaten our populations in the U.S. and abroad. It is easy for this mold to grow in a home or building that has had water damage due to fire, flood or just plain out high humidity.

When moisture and temperatures go up in an enclosed area you can rest assured that mold is soon to follow. Within 48 hours mold starts building and reproducing at alarming rates. This is now a major health concern around the world.

Most are unaware of the trouble that molds can cause concerning health, It is this attitude that allows people to fall into the dangerous den of toxic mold. Some of the symptoms and problems directly related to mold are serious symptoms and illnesses such as chronic bronchitis, learning disabilities, mental deficiencies, heart problems, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple chemical sensitivity, bleeding lungs and much more.

As you can see, Mold has more damaging effects than the average person even starts to conceive.

Mold that you see in the wild is not as dangerous as the mold you do not see. Mold spores on a tree in the back yard is much less dangerous than the mold in wall cavities and basements that are feeding on insulation, ceiling tiles and other materials in your home.

Our Governments at local, state and federal levels has again dropped the ball when it comes to protecting the people by not setting standards for indoor air quality and this means that there is no government assistance to check or help detect, find and or eliminate molds that are in millions of peoples homes and businesses.

This also makes it impossible for millions to get diagnosed and medical help for the simple reason that most do not understand why they even became sick in the first place.

These are the reasons that this new industry seems to be thriving. To help educate the people on how they can protect their life and their families from this silent killer and destroyer.

These companies have had detailed training in the field of water damage restoration and mold remediation and are fully certified. The goal is to teach the public about the dangers of Mold and have established the man power and equipment to eliminate this dangerous menace from homes and businesses.

Learn to check your home, keep a watchful eye and make sure that you get a certified professional to remove mold or water damage before you, your family or your customers pay the price.

Most people have some knowledge of most of the actual symptoms or diseases that are caused by mold, but have no clue that it may be mold that is causing the problems.

Why treat the symptoms when you can treat the cause. Eliminate Mold before it eliminates you!