Grandparents Rights To Grandchildren Custody

by : Steve Wisley

As a fellow grandparent I am sure you will agree, the world is not what it used to be.? According to the 2000 census there are 4.5 million grandchildren living with either one or both grandparents.? Knowing grandparents rights to grandchildren custody has never been more important.

Many times the grandparents are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.? They are concerned about and love their grandchildren, but at the same time they do not want to come between the grandkids and their parents, one of which is their child.

Why are grandparents getting trapped between the grandkids and their mother and father?? There are many reasons and they are multiplying.

Some of those reasons are:

  • Number one has to be divorce.? Divorce is rampant in our society.? We cannot get into cause in this article, but the fallout is the kids.? Often one parent cannot support themselves and the kids.? So, many times the grandparents have to come to the rescue.
  • Drugs are another very important cause for kids in distress.? The grandparents find themselves having to help, not only their grandchildren, but also a son or daughter in trouble.? This can be a terrible strain on an individual or couple living on a fixed retirement.
  • Separation of parents of the children.? This can be one of the hardest situations on the child as they do not know who they belong with.? Is it the mother, the father, or the grandparent?
  • Maybe the most difficult to deal with is when there is abuse.

There are a lot of reasons, but reasons do not solve problems.? Not that there is a simple solution to any of these problems.

The main thing is to remember there is life ahead.? You, as a grandparent, may be having a tough time now, but it doesn’t have to always be this way.

Remember you are the only one who can make you happy, and the only one who can give someone else permission to make you un-happy.? Even in the mists of your deepest trial you can still hold your head up and enjoy parts of your life.

?What can you do in a situation like this?

  1. A big number one…Do not panic?? I know it sometimes seems overwhelming, but there are things you can do.? Look for a support group.? Many churches have different support groups.? Try the forums.? Just put grandparents + forum in a search browser and you will find several.
  1. Seek legal advice.? I know.? You may be short of cash and do not want to get involved with an attorney.? But, you will need an attorney, sooner or later, so at least talk to one before you get too deep.? And, check with several.? Find one you like and feel you can trust, and who knows what’s up.
  1. Look for online help.? There will be a link below that leads to information that will be of help to you.? You need all of the help you can get.

I realize this is your child, as well as, your grandchild that’s involved.? It is a fine line between the welfare of the grandchildren and your relationship with your child.

But, you must make the tough decisions.? Things may never, and probably won’t, ever be the same.? Some times life gets tough.?

But, don’t give up.? You can find helpFree Web Content, don’t be afraid to ask.