Easiest Business To Start From Home

by : the4glicks

For years, I have searched for the most lucrative and realistic way to make money with a home based business. The reality is that everyone needs to work for a living. Most of us work very hard at whatever job we have, usually for someone else's company or business. You get your "paycheck," and your "boss" or the company keeps the majority of the profits that you worked so hard for. Does this sound familiar?

This simple "fact of life" prompted me to try every opportunity I could get my hands on in an effort to keep the majority of the money that I worked so hard for. I tried multi-level marketing, several internet businesses, selling health supplements, phone card vending machines, selling cuttlery, direct mail publications, etc, etc. If it was out there, I gave it a shot! Then one day, after years of trying so many different "opportunities," it dawned on me that I was still working so that someone else could get wealthy! All of my efforts in sales resulted in someone "above" me in the chain making more money from my efforts than I did.

I began speaking to several people who were maintaining successful home based businesses. I started to notice that service businesses were a common theme. A good friend of mine, and owner of a residential cleaning company said to me, "You know there will always be a need for these types of services. Most people are just too busy to take care of these things themselves." It was at that point that I realized that a good service business was the absolute easiest and quickest way to make a lucrative income in a very short amount of time, and with very little start-up costs.

A service business is simply a business where you provide a needed service, and in turn, get paid by someone for that service. After researching the possibilities in the service business area, it seemed like a carpet cleaning company was by far the easiest service business to start and run from your home. If you look in your local Yellow Pages, you will probably see several carpet cleaning companies in your immediate area. This is proof that there is a huge market for this service. I started my home based carpet cleaning company less than three years ago. Now I enjoy an average gross income of between $400 and $1,000 every single day! And since there is very little overhead or operating expenses in this business, the profit margins are quite high. I am now finally getting to keep all of the money that I work so hard for, and there is no feeling like that in the world!

All you really need to do to be successful in this business is to copy the system of an already successful carpet cleaning company, and you can easily make several hundred dollars a day within a very short period of time. There are several carpet cleaning companies out there that offer "start-up" packages, but most of them are not truly complete packages. You need to make sure you are getting a "start-up," or "turn-key" package which will provide you with everything you neeed to turn a profit with your business before you have to re-invest in supplies. A quality start-up package will include all of your equipment, enough supplies so that you can make back your investment before having to "restock" anything, a complete instructional manual with everything you need to run your business successfully (including marketing and promotion), an instructional video to get your business up and running quickly, and the telephone support you need to insure your success and get your questions answered.

There is nothing difficult about cleaning carpets. You do not need any special traing or school, and it is very easy to learn. In my home state, you are not even required to have a business license to run a service business. You can usually have your business up and running within a few days if you purchase a quality start-up package. The demand for this service will continue to grow, since carpet manufacturers are now educating carpet buyers about the importance of having their carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. If you spend a small portion of your income on targeted, quality advertising, you will be well on your way to personal wealth from your own service business!

Remember, there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Just copy what an already successful business is doing, and you, also, will be well on your way to success!