How To Build A Profitable List

by : joefoxx2

The importance of list building and how you can go about getting subscribers!

Building your business list is one of the most important parts of developing your enterprise. All successful business people will agree that your money is truly in your list. Not only are you looking at long term profits from sales conversions from your list you can also do Joint Ventures that can bring you even more profit. However there is one thing to remember you will need to be careful how you build your list to bring maximum response from it.

Why build a business list? Building your business list is one of the keystones of developing any enterprise. When you do this you will be making a list of potential customers who over time will convert to your loyal life long customers. There are several ways you can do this and most of them are free or very cost effective.

Different tools for building a list: There are several methods you can use to build your list. Here are the most common:

Free e-course
Free report
Free e-book
Free newsletter

Getting subscribers for your free newsletter: A newsletter is one of the most powerful ways to build your list here are some ways to build a responsive list of subscribers.

Your opt-in form (subscription box)

Where to put-place your subscription box for visitors to sign up for your newsletter on every page of your website.

What to write on it-do not just put a plain subscription box with subscribe here. Write a little more to encourage visitors to sign up. For example Subscribe to our free newsletter full of tips to save you time and money.

You can get web forms from your autoresponder

Pop ups-regular pop ups are not as effective as they used to be due to the fact that most people have pop up blockers. However hover ads are very effective as they can bounce in and attract attention without getting caught by pop up blockers.

Free gift for signing up: It is nice to give an incentive to your visitors for subscribing to your newsletter. A free e-course or e-books are popular gifts.

Privacy policy: This is most important to give your subscribers confidence that their email address will not be sold or shared with others etc. This will also encourage them to sign up.

Ad swaps with other publications. This is a good way to gain subscribers and is free. Remember to make sure they are targeting the same market as you.

Cross promotions with other websites- swapping subscription boxes. Be sure that these are complimentary to your business and have a reasonable amount of traffic.

Direct advertising on relevant websites and in targeted publications.

Your email signature: This can be a powerful little tool and will reach many people.

A newsletter is your best list building tool and one that no business should be without. How you build your list will determine the responsiveness of it. Try to use methods that will increase your list with subscribers who will be interested in your offers and have a high conversion to sale rate. In this way you will make the maximum use of your list and increase sales.