Quick and Easy Reminders for a Smash of a Yard or Garage Sale

by : virawan

The idea of holding a garage or yard sale may seem simple and easy to someone, but to get the most out of the event you must know what to do and what to expect. When these words are mentioned, you might think of a beautiful day where the organizers of the sale are selling the last of their goods. That is true for some people.

Then that is exactly the first thing you should do, prepare. You should have the merchandise you are planning to sell at hand. Also, the materials needed to publicize the event, and to mark and display your products should be properly utilized. Don't forget to get bags and old newspaper to wrap your sold items in.

You should understand that not everything you need should be bought. Tables, baskets, racks, boxes and other items could be borrowed from friends and family. Remember, you are trying to earn some money here, and not trying to break the bank. The same is true with help. Tell your friends that the sale will be a fun and learning experience for the group, this way one or two of them could lend a hand.

Prepare for a rainy day. You should make a plan as to what would happen when rain starts to break. Either you put up tarps for your merchandise, or you move your more resilient items into the shade. Fragile and sensitive things such as china and appliances should always be kept under the shade, the perfect place would be in the garage.

Organize your wares. Keep your clothes together, advisably on a rack, and put electrical equipment within reach of an outlet for testing. Try to present your products creatively as well. Your more eye-catching items should be the ones to entice potential buyers to look around.

Make the sale noticeable to passers-by. Don't let vehicles block the sale so that even curious pedestrians and drivers could stop by and take a look. If allowed in your neighborhood, maybe some music could be played and balloons could be set up.

Don't let perfectly good money get away. Always have the money near you, with you, or with your assistant if you have one. Ready smaller bills and coins a day or two prior to the affair, to give to your buyers as change. Put your merchandise in their original boxes or place their user manual on display to raise the price of your goods.