A water Feature For Your Patio

by : Adrian Kinley

A water feature will bring tranquillity to your patio and is an ideal substitute for a pond if you have neither the time nor the inclination to maintain one. They are also much safer than a pond where young children are concerned.

The larger water features require a reservoir to feed them their water. These pebble pool reservoirs vary in size (the larger the feature, the larger the reservoir required) but the average is around 2 ft wide.

You simply bury the reservoir and sit your chosen water feature on top. Place some rocks and pebbles around the base, add water and switch on.

Unlike a pond, all of the water is continually recycled and because there is no plant or fish life you can use special water feature clarifying solutions to keep it crystal clear.

Water features big enough to require a reservoir should only be used on a large patio area or set up some distance from it. Remember, you are trying to create a tranquil effect with the sound of trickling water and not recreate the sights and sounds of Niagara Falls. While some of these big features may look spectacular they can be over powering.

For the small to average size patio there are lots of options. Many free standing water features are solar powered which means when you rearrange your patio furniture you can also move the feature to a new spot. Being solar powered also means there are no cables to bury and they cost nothing to run. The downside of course is that they require direct sunlight to function where as a feature that is powered from the mains can be used after sunset.

Another option is a wall fountain. These consist of a small trough with an outlet a foot or two above in the design of a lion’s mouth, dolphinScience Articles, flower etc. The trough acts as the reservoir and a small pump hidden in the back feeds the water up to the outlet.

Wall fountains are ideal if your patio butts up to the back of your home. Positioning the fountain directly behind an internal power supply means an electrician can easily get a mains supply to the feature without any cables being visible.