Where To Find The Best Hydroponics Videos

by : Advancednutrients

Hydroponic growers are always on the lookout for information that can give them bigger yields, tastier vegetables, and help them reduce the problems that can sometimes arise from hydroponic growing. While books and magazines can provide tons of fantastic information, many growers turn to hydroponic videos to give them the edge that they desire.

Hydroponic videos can give you a better understanding of the early signals of the onset of disease or infestation and allow you to actually see the best way to assemble a system from scratch. But until hydroponic growing becomes popular enough to earn its own instructional prime time television show, these kinds of resources will be a bit difficult to track down.
To help you on your perpetual quest for better knowledge in the world of hydroponics, here is a list of the best ways to acquire hydroponic videos.

Video Sharing Sites - One of the best resources to watch hydroponic growers do what they do best is on video sharing sites like YouTube. There you will often see amateur hydroponic growers offering tips on propagation and system assembly. You can also see videos posted by large hydroponic growers and hydroponic supply companies on the best way to use their products. The biggest advantage of these kinds of video sharing sites is that they are completely free. The tradeoff is that these videos are typically very brief and therefore usually don't contain any of the in depth information you might be seeking.

Your Local Hydroponic Supply Store - If you are lucky enough to live close to a well stocked hydroponics supply store, then you can often easily access videos and other educational resources. General gardening and warehouse hardware stores can also sometimes have hydroponic videos but not as often as specialty stores. If your hydroponics store doesn't have the kind of videos that you are looking for, you can simply ask the store to order them from their distribution company.

Direct from Hydroponic Companies - Many companies that produce hydroponic fertilizer, rooting gel, and hydroponic systems offer hydroponic videos that explain the best ways to use their products. The main advantage of this is that since they come straight from the manufacturers, you have a better chance that this information is accurate. Hydroponic manufacturers typically conduct rigorous testing on the best way to use their products and work to make this information readily available to consumers.

Auction Sites - It is not uncommon for a hydroponic video to have very little distribution, which means that it will extremely difficult to track down after the initial distribution period. Auction sites like eBay often have several of these rare or out of print items for the hydroponic grower. As a bonus, since they are often used, you can get the great information that can be available in hydroponic videos as a discounted price. To save even more money, look for "lots" of videos, that is, several videos grouped together in a single auction. This will save you money per video and can also save you time and money on shipping.