Growing Geraniums Indoors Or Outdoors

by : Lee Dobbins

Geraniums can be grown in planters on the porch, patio or garden. The ivy type geraniums are great for hanging baskets and window boxes. Make sure you use a container that is big enough for the plant or it will wilt (you may need to replant to prevent wilting as the plant grows). Use a soil that has enough aeration – either a commercial made mix or garden soil mixed with peat moss or perlite. Plant in a spot that is protected from strong wind and gets 6 hours sun a day. Make sure you water it frequently but do not let it sit in water.

The Regal or Martha Washington geranium is not suited for outdoor use but perfect for the indoors! Put your plant in a sunny window for best results. Perfect temperatures for your indoor geranium are mid 60’s during day time hours and mid 50’s at night. Fertilize once a month in spring and summer and every 2 months in fall and winter. Water weekly and use a container that has good drainage.

Some pests you might find making a meal of our geraniums include:

Most of these can be controlled with sprays, the aphids can be controlled with ladybugs and the slugs can be captured in a shallow dish of beer. Also, watch for subterranean termites that tunnel through the stems of your plant causing it to turn yellow and die. If you suspect theseFind Article, treat the soil with special treatment.