Track Your Business Expenses With Business Credit Cards

by : Pamela Williams

Are you a business owner or do you have plans of venturing into business? If yes, then this article is for you. It doesn't matter whether your business is old or new, or what type of business you're into- if you're in the business industry, you should take advantage of the benefits of business credit cards. Why is a a must for every business owner?

Track Your Business Expenses Efficiently

Primarily, business credit cards help a business manage its finances more efficiently. For instance, tracking business expenses can prove to be a challenge. Keeping inventory of the costs and making sure that not a single cent is missed involves a lot of work. However, this task is made much simpler with the help of business credit cards.

How Do Business Credit Cards Help You To Manage Your Business?

All purchases that are charged to your business credit cards are automatically included in your account history. Most business credit card companies provide an online account access option to its holders so you can check on the status of your business credit card account anytime. Monthly billing statements will also be sent regularly along with quarterly and yearly summaries of your account. Account summaries are indispensable tools when doing your accounting and bookkeeping tasks. These summaries are also wonderful references when filing your taxes. By checking into your account summary, you can easily identify the items or purchases that are qualified for tax exemptions.

Another great feature of business credit cards is the option to distribute extension credit cards to your employees. This way, you can give out credit cards to your selected employees which they can use for official business expenses. Because all expenses charged to these extension credit cards will also be listed in your account statement, you can be sure that you can keep track of your employees' spending habits and that the cards will be used accordingly.

The use of also enable a business establish a separate business credit history for the company. By using your business credit card, keeping within your given credit limit, and staying true to your payment obligations, you can build an excellent credit history for your company more easily. Of course, don't forget that in order for your business credit to be recorded, you need to register with a business credit reporting agency like D&B and Experian.

Furthermore, business credit cards help you separate your business funds from your personal money. This is a crucial factor especially as your business begins to grow and as expenses start to multiply and mount up. A separate business account helps you see exactly how much your budget is and thus, will enable you to make business decisions more effectively.

Use Your Business Credit Card with Care

Caution must also be taken when using business credit cards. For instance, some business owners carelessly use their business credit cards even for their personal purchases. Doing so can easily put you into credit card debt and can cause problems to your business. Therefore, make sure that you'll use your business credit card strictly for business expenses only. Don't use it when you're at the mall or buying your groceries or when dining out with your family. Remember, your business credit card should be a tool to help you with your business and must never be used for personal whims.