Marketing Small Businesses With Promotional Magnets

by : George Monte

Business magnets, or fridge magnets in common language, are a very efficient way to market your business. If you examine it by cost, are relatively very cheap but stay with the potential client way longer than any business card, flyer or something else. Once your promo magnet went on the client fridge, it will m ost likely stay there for month (if not for years).

The need, which was the drive to invent promotional magnets, was the quest for everlasting (almost) advertising and promoting means. Keep the impression as long as can be. Paper made products, like: business cards, fliers, invitations and so on, are worn out quickly and then find their way to the garbage can.

The first to be magnetized were the business cards. Every craftsman who came over to fix something in our houses - left behind him a magnetized business card, beautifully designed, colorful, attractive, decorating the refrigerator door or any other metal surface for the matter. Because it is so - we didn't throw away the magnet the minute the man left the house. On the contrary - we know that in a moment of need we'll know where to find the telephone number of the plumber, locksmith, washing machine mechanic, or what ever.

To the craftsmen joined the Pizza delivery boy, the neighborhood grocery or laundry deliverers and all those who managed to arrive at our home with goods or services. Even the veterinarians and other honorable free professionals, like lawyers and such, who want to receive a phone call from us and gain one more deal.?

The awareness to magnets, as permanent advertisers and promoters, became so strong that shop keepers, service office managers and restaurant owners, keep magnets side by side their business cards and hand them over to clients or potential customers. After all - this is the most cheap and affective advertising tool.

But the didn't stop at the level. They moved on to other printed materials such as invitations. Here the success was enormous. People have very bad experience with forgetting obligations and responsibilities to attend important events. The paper made invitations are kept on the telephone shelf near by the entrance door and several days after arrival they are covered under piles of letters and bills. When magnetized invitations began arriving our addresses - we threw them at the fridge door and get reminded each time we were thirsty.....

Big companies stormed this market and started bombing our houses with promo magnets which used by our children as puzzle games, or by us to hang stuff on the fridge.