Equipments you Need in Web Based Audio Conferencing

by : Dennis Jaylon

The evolution of telephone and Internet has given birth to the emergence of conference calling. And today, be it business operations or domestic use, Audio Conferencing has given further boost to communication revolution all over the world. Several of its benefits like cheaper rate of communication , better voice quality, and decreased need of transportation have made the communication process easier by many times.

Web based voice conferencing works somewhat on similar apparatus, which are used in regular phones. This technique receives analogue audio signals, and converts it into digital data which are transmitted through the Internet. The technology upon which it works is called VoIP, which has become a very popular terms today in communication industry. Availing the facility of conferencing requires some technical equipments. For a web based Audio Conferencing, you need basically three things - a computer with Internet connection, a conferencing phone, and softwares given by software moderator.

Make sure that the web browser you are using is equipped with Java, and the Internet connection must have speed of at least 56 Kbps. Using dial-up connection is not acceptable in web based conference. You can opt any cable or DSL hook-up. Next comes audio linking. VoIP phones are best to avail to give you the best result. Through VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), voice is sent digitally through Internet, which makes you talk to people all over the world at cheap rate. Comfortable headsets, microphone and microphone are other equipments that you have to be equipped with.

If you want to make your Audio Conferencing a bit more articulate, take a conferencing camera. Put the web cam in right angle, and make sure that there is enough lighting. We would rather advice you to use all equipments of good quality. Qualitative conference products is capable of not only enhancing your communication experience, but also it saves a lot of your money.