The Variety And Versatility Of Teleconferencing Services

by : Tomaz Mencinger

The simple answer is a host of teleconferencing technology blended together with one company. When you are looking for several different types of teleconferencing services, you will want to look to one company that can provide you with everything you need.

Some companies will offer several different services, as well as any equipment you might need. What is provided will depend on the company and what they have chosen to offer their customers.

How much you can expect to pay depends on the company, as well as the services. It is important to do some comparison shopping before you choose a specific company. Some things you want to look for include:

Services offered - You want to look for a company that suit your needs with teleconferencing calls

Partner Companies - Your Company might have a preference as to what types of companies the teleconferencing service should use, such as teleconferencing ATT and other such companies.

Price - It is possible to find teleconferencing cheap or at a low cost. This will require some research. Keep in mind that the cheapest teleconferencing services might not always be the best.

Of course, before you can really choose a company, you have to know what to expect, what type of teleconferencing services exist, and how to choose exactly what you need. We are here to help. In this article, we will discuss many of the services that might be available, in efforts to help you understand what will best suit your company and needs.

Audio Teleconferencing Service

This is perhaps the most popular choice for many companies. Depending upon the company, you might have several different choices when it comes to audio services, such as the number of participants you can have on your call, pass codes, secure access, local or toll free call in numbers, operator assisted, polling, question and answers, scripts, lists, event manager, or even dial in or out services.

Video Teleconferencing Service

This is the latest and greatest in teleconferencing services. This works much in the same way as audio, except you have the added capabilities of video as well. This works great for distance lectures, brainstorming sessions, or even conferences in which visual items must be used to get a specific point across to other callers.

Web Conferencing Services

Web conferencing is another very popular method of keeping in touch with employees and colleagues across the miles. This is made possible via the internet and can incorporate many different aspects that otherwise might not be possible with video or audio teleconferencing services.

For example, with web conferencing you could implement streaming video or audio. You could also present text slides, whiteboards, polling, web tours, and even PowerPoint slides.

What is great about teleconferencing services is the fact that you can make teleconferencing calls across the world, which can save you a great deal of time and money. You no longer have to travel thousands of miles, spending thousands of dollars on travel requirements when you can get in touch, have yourmeetings, and discuss plans, ideas, and possibility using one of the many services available.

Of course, teleconferencing calls are not for every company. Generally, larger companies with offices scattered throughout the country or world opt for teleconferencing services. However, smaller companies typically do not have the need for these services. They can be costly and require specific equipment,depending on the type of service you choose.

For example, with video teleconferencing, you will need specialized video equipment, with audio capabilities as well. This is for both destinations the incoming and the outgoing party. For web conferences, both parties will need a computer, web camera, microphone, audio capabilities, and capabilities totransfer and receive data, which is generally high speed internet service.