10 Essential Steps to Organizing a Conference Call

by : Arthur Raise

Conferencing calls are a boon to businesses and families. More that two people can talk to one another at the same time. There are today many kinds of conference calls:

  • Audio conference calls.
  • Video conference calls.
  • Webconference calls.

A conference call saves money as well as time and enables people to take decisions on the spot. There are what are known as conference call providers who offer conference calling services and charge their clients on a per hour or per minute basis. Once you subscribe you will be given a toll free pin number. This must be sent to all the people who will participate in the conference call.

The 10 essential steps of organizing a conference calls

1. Decide on a convenient date and time. Be sure to inform all persons concerned.

2. Contact a conference call service provider and pay the subscription.

3. Send all the participants the toll free number and pin number well in advance.

4. Book a time slot to avoid confusion.

5. On the date of the conference call meeting all the participants must dial the toll free number and enter the pin. Once they have done that the conference call can proceed. All participants will be able to ask questions, provide answers and communicate with one another just as they would in a face to face meeting.

6. The host or person who has paid the subscription will control the conference. And if the host terminates the call the conference call will end unless arrangements are made to continue the call.

7. If you need to share data or illustrations then you would need to make arrangements for a web conference.

8. Always arrange for the conference call to be recorded.

9. Ask about the billing system. Most conference call providers bill by the minute and have a 30 day billing cycle.

10. Before you sign up check up on reliability of service and whether the conference call service provider uses digital lines.

These days, conference calls have become affordable as there is fierce competition in the market. And an account can be activated within the hour of subscribing. And calls can accommodate as many as 200 participants.

On your part you can ensure that you are using a phone with no static. During the call ensure that all other devices like music systems or televisions are switched off. Memorize all the buttons on your phone. Accustom yourself to using a head set. Make notes during the call and assign one person to record the minutes of the conference call. Create an agenda for the conference call and send it out to all participants. Conduct the meeting in an orderly fashion so that no time is wasted. It is a good idea to request all participants to introduce themselves when they speak.

A conference call can ease business meetings and save money on travel. Always find out what services are offered by the conference call providers. Find out about rates and discounts. It is a competitive field so you will always benefit by comparison shopping. Select a provider who provides good service and is yet affordable.