Long Distance Conference Calls Can Be A Turn Off

by : Leanna Adams

The ubiquity of technology has caused many of our business manners to fall by the wayside.  For instance, have you noticed how most conference calls you are asked to dial into these days use a long distance number?  Gone are the days of endless 800 number conferencing calls where the company footed the bill.  In those days companies were really trying to roll out the red carpet for their customers or prospects, or make sure that their employees could call in from anywhere.  

In an economy of layoffs and cost cuts, many companies have switched to conferencing services that require the caller to pay long distance charges as the calls are routed through low cost, less populated cities.  Using these numbers the company selling the conference call time reduces their costs but the people calling into the number all have to pay long distance fees.  This doesn’t exactly promote a customer friendly image for the company. 

Company image is a combination of a few big things and a lot of little things.  Sometime it is the small touches that make a big difference.  Sanders McConnell, President of Simple2 communicate, an Atlanta-area conferencing company, says that many small businesses don’t even realize the message they are sending to their customers or prospective base by forcing them to dial into a long distance number.  Many of their customers have started using local numbers for their conference calls and have reported enthusiastic reviews.  “You would be surprised at how many of the people that call into these lines have remarked that they like that they’re dialing a local number rather than long distance," said McConnell.  While many people have free long distance on their cell phone, more people are trying to limit their cell phone usage due to hidden charges and possible health risks associated with excessive use of a cell.  

To increase business etiquette, companies should consider the benefits of providing teleconferencing to clients for free by purchasing a local number to moderate the calls through and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the calls while promoting a positive company image.  For more information about how your business can benefit by using a 404 conference lineFree Reprint Articles, visit Simple2communicate's website or call 770-635-3540.