Refinancing: Building a Relationship of Trust

by : Martin Lukac

We have to go through a step by step process of building trust with these individuals in order to achieve our goal of refinancing our loans. One of the key components of ensuring that we are approved by persons in these institutions for loans is if we demonstrate that we are able to get others that have equity to put their equity at stake for us as well as ensuring that we have consistently met the demands and repayment installments of our loans. This means that a guarantor can greatly assist in accelerating trust with lenders.

Your guarantor can be anyone ranging from family members such as your parents, siblings or friends and can even extend to potential investors that are willing to give you that. The process of the attainment of that trust relationship lies with you however there are several steps that you should follow. Emphasis cannot be placed more on the factor of organization. Organization is one of the reasons that you will gain the trust of your guarantor and eventually your lender.

If you are disorganized and unprepared then this is a step backwards. No one will want to trust a person that cannot organize properly as they most likely will be this way in several aspects of their life. They will perceive that this disorganization transmits to other areas such as finance and will be hesitant to provide you with the assistance that you require.

Ensure that you are prepared for every meeting that you attend to approach a guarantor. Walk with all your supporting documentation. These will include documents on personal and financial information about yourself as well as an in depth business plan to show that you have a solid investment plan for the money that you require. Refinancing is not as easy as it sounds and fostering a good relationship with the lender is essential.

A list of documents that you should have includes:

"Employment History "Liabilities "Assets "Credit Score "Tax Returns

Show your potential guarantor that you are capable of fulfilling the obligation of your refinanced loan and demonstrate your diligence and preparedness. Once you have demonstrated your ability and they are willing to be a guarantor for your loan then you are on your way as you may have actually secured the refinancing of your loan and are on your way to greater things.

After you follow through and secure a guarantor then you are easily able to secure the support of a loan that otherwise would take a ton more effort to attain. Lenders are pleased that another person is willing to put their endorsement behind your name and they are more willing to support your endeavor. It is also apparent that you have a lot to lose when another person's reputation is at stake as well especially if that person is well recognized and refinancing your loan also puts your security at risk as well so you have to be sure you are capable of repaying.