Home Is Where Your Money Is

by : jamesmlowe

Your own home business that can help others with their different jobs can be very profitable.

Have you ever noticed one of those cars at the food market or hardware store with a sign on them saying something like, we run your errands cheap?

Did you think they were naive to run a small business like that? What if it fit them or you as good as an old shoe? Take a look below my friend.

Busy people with lives to match, stay at home moms, burned out executives, frustrated employees and would be entrepreneurs are good prospects for jobs that offer virtual personal assistance or errand services that you can run as an at home business.

If the growing entrepreneur does not have a full college degree and does not think he or she is qualified for positions that help him or her to create a home business, they should think again.

Errand service can be as simple as picking up the dry cleaning, ordering the birthday cake, dropping off film at the drug store or walking and playing with the dog.

The great thing about convenience errand service jobs is not only that they are a home business but that they do not need much start up capital.

Any jobs that let the owner do his or her business at home leaves them free from additional leasing overhead, additional utility deposits, minimum utility increases and the daily commute.

Of course, if our businessperson offers a pickup and delivery (as someone would need to do with an errand service) the firm would take on the sometimes hefty cost of gasoline and wear of additional vehicle expenses.

The owner will surely incur an increase on the company auto insurance as well. These are some of the things to consider when weighing options between those office jobs, for a boss, and an at home business.

If the will be home business owner is more highly skilled than the typical errand services jobs would require, her home business could be as a virtual assistant.

If she or he has office skills such as word processing, clerical, computer database and contact database management and perhaps desktop publishing she could be the ideal virtual assistant.

The advantage of a virtual assistant as opposed to a local errand service is that the VA can work for anyone anywhere and most of the work could be done by email, IM, fax and perhaps overnight mail.

He would not have the additional transportation costs, although for the jobs he would be given, his at home business set up would be more costly up front. This is normal.

Unless, of course, he already has home office equipment in place such as a PC, printer, scanner, fax (or all in one), digital camera, file cabinet, flash drives, speakers and a secure and comfortable home office environment that is ergonomically correct and ready to go.

Whether a businessperson wants to take a variety of jobs and assignments from various clients in her or his at home business or wants to take a few clients who commit for an extended period is entirely up to that entrepreneur.

There are clear advantages to both.