Are you Looking at a Cheap Car Loan?

by : Apurva Shree

Finding a cheap car loan is no child's play. When you start dreaming about that new Nissan or Porsche in your driveway, they are also accompanied by the nightmares of high interest car loans.

Most people trust internet to find a cheap car loan. Lenders who market their cheap loans, may not necessarily market the hidden cost that accompanies the 'cheap car loan'. An online car loan application on the other hand is transparent and simple for the borrower.

Another mistake that many buyers make is signing the loan agreement before reading it carefully. Many terms and conditions may not be suitable for your pocket. Therefore, one should always read the fine print of the agreement before signing it.

Out of every 10 people, 5 go to their bankers to obtain a cheap car loan. They turn to their own banks as they already have an established relationship with their bank. However, one should always compare various lenders and their lending rates on the internet. Buyers can also car loan rate calculator to get an idea of what an ideal rate for their loan should be.

Once the lender is decided, then the buyer must be prepared to bargain on the interest rate. Lower the interest, higher the benefits for the borrower. Obtaining a cheap car loan is possible, if the buyer does a thorough research and educates himself on the current trends of the lending industry.

There is massive scope of saving money on your car loan, if you are well aware of the process and the market rates. Many a times, salespersons try to close the deal on the spot to complete their targets. If you are dealing with one such sales guy, then rest assured you have a higher chance of winning the negotiation. Remember, if you are paying some advance to seal the deal, don't forget to take a receipt or pay by your card.

Buyers also look at building societies to get a cheap car loan. Lending rates differ with lending institutions, thus not all lenders will let you avail cheap car loan.

Most lending institutions do check the buyer's credit history before sealing the loan deal. The amount of money to be lent, the rate of interest will also vary with your credit record. There are lenders who will give loans, despite the borrowers' bad credit history. In such cases, a borrower needs to be doubly sure of the terms and conditions of the loan offered.