Establishing Your Own Home Business Opportunity

by : biggso

The following stories might give entrepreneur hopefuls some ideas about creating their own home business opportunity. Here are the tales of two who founded and succeeded at their own home business opportunity.

The first is the business opportunity story of a man that launched his home based computer consulting firm. Never formally trained in computer science, he nevertheless started training on his own part time while working for a major oil refinery full time. After five years of hands on training he was able to convert a loft in his home into a graphics production firm. He left his job and lived off his savings while growing the firm. The computer equipment he had accumulated in the five year training period stood him in good stead for quite some time while he grew his home business opportunity. His only initial expense was several hundred dollars worth of business cards and business stationery.

Just a few years later his home business had grown to a $100,000 a year profit. One year, after a relocation and resulting slow down he started networking with other computer consultants who had their own similar but not identical business opportunity, to offer a full complement of computer services to their mutual clients. He felt it was better to have just half of the revenue pie than no pie at all.

Another entrepreneur succeeded at her home based business but she was lucky. The mistakes she made early on might have caused her business to fail. She cautions others not to repeat her early behavior. The first thing she did wrong when starting her home business was to open its doors with too little money. She had $5000 total and thinks in retrospect that she should have first saved enough to survive the first year before beginning her home based business.

She said she also announced her business opening before she had finished her marketing research, which was quite a blooper since part of her business consulting services included marketing research assistance. Her business name was wrong, she said. Instead of choosing a memorable name that conjured up a picture of the type of business she offered she simply used her middle name as the company name.

Fortunately she was good at what she offered and her home business opportunity thrived. She is now a full time entrepreneur with 14 big name clients who provide her a nice six figure income.