Line of Credit - a Form of Cheap Loan

by : Caitlin Lucy

Do you want a loan that is economical as well as flexible as per your requirements? Yes, everyone would like to have such a loan. Some lenders offer you a line of credit in which the maximum amount of loan that you can withdraw is fixed and you can take out that money as per your suitability. Line of credit is available for a specific period and there is a ceiling up to which you can withdraw.Those borrowers who frequently need to borrow money may opt for a line of credit. The line of credit can be taken against your home also.

This means cheap loans and a lot of flexibility. It is like a standing offer to you. You can withdraw whenever you need money during the currency of offer. The credit limit fixed by lender in such cases depends on the equity in your home. Lenders usually set the credit limit on a home equity line of credit by adopting some percentage. Lender may offer you 75 percent of your home's appraised value less any balance owed on the existing mortgage. Many factors like your repayment ability, your income, debts and other financial obligations as well as your credit precedents are considered by the lender before he sets the credit limit.

Line of credit secured against your home is another form of cheap loans, with all the flexibility that you might be looking for. The maximum period set out for you to withdraw money is called the 'Draw period'. A home equity line of credit may have a draw period of 5 years, 10 years, etc. After this period, the lender may allow you to renew the credit line. Instead of taking out loans that require you to pay high interest rates and allow you a little flexibility, you should opt for cheap loans whether in the form of line of credit or one-time loans.
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