How To Make Serious Money With Affiliate Programs

by : onlineprofitteam

Time and time again people fail to make money online. Online marketing seems to be an easy way to earn an income. So they join a program, start promoting but nothing really happens. And then they quit. Let us take a closer look at some strategies to make good money with affiliate programs.

Promoting an affiliate program has many advantages. You do not have to create a product. You also do not have to worry about customer service issues. All you do is promote the affiliate program and get a generous percentage of the product sales you generate. In other words it is a perfect opportunity to start your online career.

Two Strategies You Should Follow

1.You can make a choice of thousands of programs as an affiliate marketer. However I firmly believe that the best promotion is based on your own experience. It is simple. Suppose you do not like fruit and you do not see any reason why you should eat it. Then how are you going to persuade your children that they need to eat fruit to get some vital nutrients?
Do not start to promote 15 programs at once. Start with one that you use yourself and that you love. Then you will be able to put some heart and soul in your advertising. Your potential customers will feel that and your sales will boost.

2.You must have your own website.
You do not have any control over your affiliate site. So people will visit your site and you do not even know. Not very smart. Suppose your sales letter has a high conversion rate: for every 100 visitors 5 will buy your product. What about the other 95? If you know that sometimes people need seven reminders before they buy then you must agree that you need a follow up system in place. That is why you should create a landing page. You have seen these. It is a short page you create with the sole intention to capture the name and email address of your visitors. And then you are able to follow up with the other 95 and multiply your sales! What is even more important is that at the same time you are building your own opt in list! Do not underestimate the value of your list. For example twice a month you can send them an endorsement about a new product you promote. Once you have a responsive list you can make money by sending one email!

I have explained only two strategies. But when you apply them in your business you will boost your sales. Guaranteed. So do yourself a favour, do not wait and start today.