Your Complete Guide to Auto Title Loans

by : Alisha Delphi

The worst thing about money is that it's never there when you need it the most. Getting a loan from a bank or other conventional channels takes too much time and paperwork. By the time, you get your money, you no longer need it. The delay in getting money can be quite expensive, say if you need it for your business. As Emerson says, "Money often costs too much." An alternative you can consider is an auto title loan.

What is an auto title?

Firstly, it's important to understand what an auto title is. Simply put, if you own a vehicle, the auto title is a document that states you are its owner. It also includes other information such as the owner's name and address, vehicle make, model, year, and when it was sold first. This document is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

How can I get cash from my car title?

You can take a loan using your car as collateral. Such a loan is known as an auto title loan. Usually, such loans are short-term, not extending beyond 30 days. The lenders of these loans are known as title lenders.

The advantages of auto title loans are:

&bull Fast, easy cash

&bull Little paperwork

&bull No risk of being sued if you can't pay up - you only lose the car

&bull No check of your credit history

Sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

Before making any decision involving money, it's important to understand the risks clearly. Here are the risks of auto title loans:

&bull High interest - Title lenders are often criticized for the high interest rates they charge. This is because of the high-risk nature of this business. Most lenders do not really consider an applicant's credit history while giving out a loan. You should consider auto title loans only if you are capable of repaying the loan amount with the interest within the time limit.

&bull Risk of losing the car - If you cannot repay the loan, title lenders will take the car and sell it to get their money back. If you or your family members require the car at all times, think twice before going for this option. Such loans are better suited for people who have two or more cars and the possible risk of losing a car will not affect their lives.

&bull Reduced value of the car - Many title lenders dole out a sum much less than the actual value of the automobile. Check the value of your automobile by referring to NADA (National Automobile Dealer's Association) or Kelly Blue Book. This will help you negotiate a larger sum.

Speak to different title lenders to know their rates. Consider your options clearly and understand your ability to repay before you consider an auto title loan. If you apply for a loan and then realize you do not need it, you are under no obligation to continue.