Help for Generation Debt

by : Adam Boychuk

I'm pretty sure you've already heard about debt and bill consolidation. For those who haven't, well bill consolidation is the strategy used by people to lower the interest they are paying monthly by transferring several debts into one. This is usually done by taking out a huge amount of loan to pay off all the others so that payment is centralized to a single institution. This way, the borrower will only have to pay one interest rate monthly.

This strategy was introduced by credit advisers after researches found out that almost half of the American population was in debt. Not only that, 60% of college graduates leaves school in debt. This is the reason why today, college students are called to be members of Generation Debt. Knowing that the skilled population is starting their lives is a big thing as lot of them are actually supposed to help their families get out of their own debt trap. This goal is already impossible to achieve as they, themselves have been caught in the trap.

In order to address this situation, the US government has already filed a bill that will allow more Americans to avail of lower priced college education, but I'm sorry to say that this is still under deliberation and college students would have to deal with debt on their own for now.

One of the best credit counselors in the country, Carmen Wong Ulrich, explains that the first step to getting out of debt is to have the attitude to get control of it. Sure it is a little disconcerting that someone who's just starting out with real life will have to face an issue as big as a figure debt, but hey, that's a reality they will have to face now or they will suffer the consequences for it in the future. Sure it could cause anguish in the hearts of this new generation of skilled workers, but the goals they have for their future - their own home in a nice neighborhood, a nice car - these should be their give them the will to face the challenges now.

It is necessary for college students to know how much they owe so they know what their target jobs would be. Before graduating college, they can already take out a student loan bill consolidation so they can get started in reducing their debt before graduation. This will, of course, require them to live simply and follow a strict budget. Something which I'm pretty sure they're already adept with. Once they are able to get a job, new graduates should continue to consolidate bills, and they can take out bill consolidation loans to eliminate loans with excessive interest rates, thereby effectively reducing the monthly repayments.

Most college graduates might be dissuaded by this situation but they need to realize that a lot of them are experiencing the same situation. True, it is difficult to deal with a problem like this without the help of their parents, but the truth is, a lot of non-profit organizations are willing to help by giving bill consolidation loans at lower interest rates and by giving free advice on how to consolidate your bills.