Deal With your Debts in a Better Way

by : Aisha Cristal

People borrow money to counter difficult situations in their life. However, the same remedy may turn into a disaster if you do not know how to manage your debts. The use of credit cards and store cards is a perfect example that leads thousands of people towards financial disaster. Borrowers who heavily depend on these cards for funding their day to day expenses are the ones who mostly find themselves in trouble.

Credit card companies levy a high interest rate on pending bills. It is in your interest to settle credit card bills as early as possible. You can do it by merging all your pending bills into one debt. For this purpose, you have an option to consolidate your debts with the help of loans available with many lenders. High street banks in the UK and other financial institutions like building societies, online lenders, etc., offer a range of loans according to your individual circumstances.

There are many benefits of merging your debts. The most striking one is that you can easily avoid bankruptcy as you get another chance to control and manage your debts. Many times it happens that your lenders start threatening you whenever there is a delay in repayment of loan. If you are going through such a financial stage, debt consolidation is a right remedy. Debt consolidation loans are available with or without residential security clause. You can easily avoid pledging your home for taking debt consolidation loan. However, in such a situation, the loan amount is normally restricted to ?25,000 by the lenders. Lenders also want to minimise their risk factor in such a loan transaction, and they do it by charging little high interest rate and reducing the availability of loan amount.

Secured debt consolidation loans require that you pledge your home to the lender, giving an extra leverage on the borrowing front. These types of loans can bring in an amount of upto ?250,000, depending upon the equity in your home. If you have a large amount of debts and you want to consolidate it with cheaper available loans in the market, then this option is very much suitable. You may be able to save some money by taking cheap secured debt consolidation loan.

There is another category of borrowers that may be facing a bad credit history and prime lenders may not be interested in such borrowers. These borrowers can apply for bad credit loans with sub-prime lenders to get appropriate financial assistance.