A Legally Approved Solution to your Debt Problems, Iva Advice!

by : Kirthy Shetty

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is commonly known as IVA. It is a legally binding contract or a formal agreement between you and your creditors wherein you come to an arrangement with people you owe money to reduce part off your total loan repayment to be made, pay off a percentage of what you owe. Your payments will be made only for a period of 5 years, beyond this any loan amount due will be wiped off automatically, so you don't make any more loan payments. And it involves an Insolvency Practitioner(IP), who is a licensed professional and he sets up iva for you.
During the period of your arrangement your financial situation will be reviewed regularly to see if there has been any change in your circumstances. Have all your interest rates and charges frozen and clear all your debts in 60 months or less! Imagine making just one reduced monthly payment with no interest charges or any court proceedings. And all that's based on how much you owe and how much you can afford!
In order to settle down your debts, a proposal is put forward to your creditors on the basis of the following aspects:
A monthly payment is fixed based on your income
If a property has been used, you should remortgage it and make a portion of your equity available to your creditors.
If you can't remortgage at the end of the term, you don't have to sell your property.
Your IVA will be accepted only if 75% of your creditors are in favour of your proposal.
Benefits of iva uk:

Debt free within 5 years
Wipe off 80% of your debts
Reduced single monthly payment
Repair your credit ratings
Fixed legally binding agreement
Fixed repayment method (normally 5 years) at the end of which all of your debts are discharged (any unpaid balances are written off)
Frozen interest rates
STOP any court action against you
Stop creditors' threatening calls and payment demands
Keep your car and house
It's a private agreement with no notification to your employer

Seek out for an online iva advice to clear any ambiguities related to iva. By the end of one year, you will be considered debt free even though you may not have been in a position to pay off all your debts in full. Any outstanding balances are written off and the debtor is considered to have no financial obligation to his creditors and he can have a new lease of life.

IVA is a legal way of getting out of your debts; it's truly a "Light at the end of the Tunnel".

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