8 Reasons To Keep A "To Do" List

by : grammajan11

Try it; make a list of everything you want to do tomorrow, after you read this article and see how relieved you are going to feel and how relaxed your mind is going to be.
When we are constantly thinking ahead of everything that we have to do and hoping that we don't forget anything, our mind becomes clogged up and excess things cause stress.

Eight Reasons To Make A List

1.Can help you take control of your time.
You know how much time something will take
and you can plan accordingly.

2.Gives a one-glance look at everything you
want to accomplish.
You won't forget things if it is on your
list, one glance lets you know everything
that there is to do.

3.Helps to eliminate mind-clutter by keeping
track of odds and ends.
Once it is written down, forget it, just
follow your list, this eliminates stress
of 'forgetting the important stuff'.

4.Improves your memory by writing everything
Everyone knows that when you write something
down you remember it longer. This improves
your handwriting and helps you remember things

5.Get's rid of mental stress by emptying your
brain of trivial items.
This gives the brain time to relax, thus,
eliminating stress and mental fatique.

6.Helps you to schedule time for breaks and
Yes, you do deserve breaks during the day
but, you need to schedule, this just like you
do your work. It's not against the law to
relax; it will boost your energy level and
give you time to recharge.

7.Helps you to focus on the important things
Get the most important things done first;
they will always be at the top of your list
because they bother you the most.

8. Satisfaction of crossing things off your list...
This will give you a total feeling of
accomplishment. When you look at everything
that you managed to accomplish in an hour, a
half day, a full day; you will be amazed at
how good you are. This will make you wonder
why you haven't done this sooner and will
make you want to continue through the whole

Keep a small notebook or memo book in your purse or pocket, as you think of things that you want to get done, add them to your list. You can subdivide this list later, such as; home, work, maintenance, appointments etc.

It will free up space in your mind so that you can concentrate on the 'job at hand'. You can give these things your full attention without the stress of worrying that you will forget something.