Auto Loans for Bad Credit: Drive Your Vehicle With Ãlan

by : Mark Nikolos

If you are suffering from a poor credit score due to some unavoidable circumstances then don't panic you can avail loan and on repaying your debts on time you can add some credit to your score. Auto loans for bad credit are the best solution for poor credit people. Default in payments, arrears, CCJS, IVA, bankruptcy can lead to poor credit score. Credit score is prepared by an agency called FICO.

Auto loans for bad credit can be classified in two forms secured and unsecured. Secured type needs collateral whereas unsecured type doesn't need any.

In the secured form loan amount varies from ?5000-?75000 and the repayment period varies from 3 to 25 years. The borrower has to pledge a property as collateral for this type. If loan amount is more than ?75000 then the borrower has to keep something more as collateral. As collateral is required for this type hence the interest rate is less. In unsecured form the loan amount goes up to a maximum of ?25000 and the repayment time reduces to 6 months to 10 years depending on the repayment capacity. Interest rate is a bit high as no collateral is required. It also depends on the intensity level of bad credit. If you have to go for less amount of loan unsecured form is preferred as risk of property is not involved.

Besides the physical market one can search for auto loan for bad credit on internet also. It saves time and energy. As market is very competitive you can search and avail the loan from the lender whose policies suit you better. If you need instantaneous loan you can go for loans which are available online and for this you have to fill your income your credit score and their proof so that they can judge your repayment ability.