Buy Used Car Tips: Learn for Other Peoples Experiences

by : Michael phelps

Buying a used car isn't as nearly as fun as buying a new car, we all know that. I've been through three buy used car experiences up to now. The goods news is that I learned how to negotiate better and even a little bit about cars. The bad news is... I wish I had known the buy used car tips I know now before.

The Real Deal

Ok so, the real deal with buying used cars is to make sure you aren't getting scammed or that your really paying for what the seller says it's worth. Many times have I heard people say that all the car lights work and then when I want to check it out... more than one light isn't working. Here I'm going to share with you some of the tips I've learned from my experiences, but don't limit yourself to these. Ask people you know for more tips because you never know who has had to deal with buying a used car.

-Make sure all the lights work
-Get the engine checked out by a trusted mechanic
-Look for oil leaks
-Turn off the radio and lower the windows while test driving it for peculiar noises
-If you can, drive uphill with the air condition turned on to the max
-Push the accelerator fast and hard to see if the car responds well
-Make a hard break to test the breaks
-Check for torn-up seats
-Test the speakers and radio, as well as antenna reception (I once bought a used car that had the antenna but didn't have a cable to connect to the radio - of course I found out about that later!)
-Check the trunk and see if all the tools are there, as well as the spare tire

Those are just some of buy used car tips. I'm pretty sure you can find a lot more, but I think these are must-haves on your check list when buying a used car. You should be very careful because you don't want to issue a used car loan and then the car turned out to be a piece of junk, right?