Government Grants Guides - Do not Waste your Time on Them

by : Melissa Kellett

You have heard that you can get money without having to reimburse it via a government grant and your eyes opened wide? You have searched the net and found many sites promoting guides and books on the subject claiming to be thorough explanations on how to get money for free? If you are thinking about buying one, let me give you a piece of advice: Do not waste your time and money!

Those guides and books have nothing of value, all the information they contain is superfluous or can be found anywhere on the net. Most of them lack the only thing that could have some use: copies of the forms you need to fill in order to apply for a government grant and detailed explanations on how to fill them.

And even those who include forms and models of letters have little value since all that can be easily obtained at each government agency that provides access to funds in the form of government loans and grants. And of course, you can get all that for free.

Government Grants

There are many government agencies providing funding for different purposes to individuals and organization that meet certain requirements. However, qualifying for such money grants is not an easy task and a guide or book will not help you either. In order to successfully apply for a government grant there are many things you need to know.

First of all, you should see whether the purpose that the money you need would have fits into any of the grants' categories. There are grants for first time home buyers, college students, physically challenged people, starting businesses, non-profit organizations, etc. As you can see, if you want the money to buy yourself a new state of the art high tech TV, you are out of luck.

You also need to make clear how much money you will need because generally grants offer a limited amount of funding. The idea is to provide assistance to the underprivileged and not to finance those who can get finance by other means like private loans or government loans.

Thus, by keeping grants to small amounts, the government can help as much people as possible. When it comes to business grants there is more flexibility but they will not finance huge ventures either. For larger amounts, the only option is private finance.

How To Get Them

As stated above, there is no need to pay for expensive books or guides, most government agencies have online sites whit contact information. There are also private sites explaining everything about government grants with information and examples of forms and letters so you will not have problems applying for government grants and you will not need to spend hours figuring out the explanations that appear on government sites with all the technical terms and so.

Thus, search the net for government grants and you will find many online sites that will help you understand grants and will explain you how to apply and get approved. However, you need to be careful too, because there are many sites which are nothing but scams and will want to take your money and provide nothing in return, just like the guides and books.