Are you Getting Ready to Book your Holiday?

by : Reno Charlton

With Christmas over and the New Year upon us many of us are now starting to think about booking a summer holiday. January can be a gloomy time of year, with most people suffering a financial hangover and bad weather to put up with to boot. This is why so many of us like to start looking at holidays, so that we have something exciting to look forward to as we get back to the post-Christmas routine of humdrum life.

January is a good time to book your summer holiday, as - like most other retailers - many travel agents have special deals and sales on when it comes to holiday, so you can pick up a really good deal on your package, flight, hotel, etc. However, one major problem is that many of us are pretty much broke by the time January comes around, which means that we either wait and miss out on some potentially great holiday offers or we look at other ways of paying for the holiday so that we can take advantage of any special January bargains.

If you are pretty much spent up after the Christmas and New Year period but you want to book that bargain holiday so that you don't miss out you will find that your credit card could come in very handy. However, first of all you need to check what sort of credit card you have and when you intend to repay the cost of the holiday.

If you are looking to spread the cost of the holiday over a period of time to increase affordability you may find that a 0% purchase credit card is the best choice for you, as this will enable you to pay for your holiday and even any items that you need to take with you, and you can then spread the repayment over the specified interest free period so you won't have to pay any interest in order to get that holiday booked.

If you feel that your finances will be in order within a matter of weeks, and you therefore plan to repay the full cost of the holiday within a month or so, you could opt for a rewards based credit card. Paying off the balance in full within the month means that you will not be charged any interest, and by using the card to book your holiday you can earn valuable rewards, which could be anything from travel rewards and air miles to cash back or discounts depending on the type of rewards based card you opt for.