Bank of America - Asiana Visa Platinum

by : Richard Gilliland

The Bank of America is one of the market leaders in issuing credit card. The credit cards from Bank of America are also renowned in the market for their flexibility, and are exclusively designed to manage extensive credit situations for students and businessmen.

If you are one of those who are required to spend a lot more on flights than anything else does, then the Bank of America - Asiana Visa Platinum credit card is a perfect option for you. The Asiana Visa card promises you great gifts in airline miles and you can explore a wide area - experiencing the quietness of the Sydney beaches and the hurly-burly of Hong Kong markets. Side-by-side its myriad gifts, the Bank of America - Asiana Visa Platinum credit card helps you save money on your personal or business trips.

Benefits From Asiana Visa Platinum Credit Card

Bank of America - Asiana Visa Platinum card delivers a world of benefits for you. Check it out yourself from these:

?Your very first purchase with Asiana Visa Platinum Card earns you 5000 bonus miles.

?Whatever eligible purchases you make after your first purchase, every dollar spent will earn you a mile. Airline ticket purchases from Asiana with your Visa Platinum Plus card, will fetch you two miles per dollar spent.

?You will receive 2000 bonus miles as anniversary gift on card renewal date every year.

?The most attractive perks that your card offers is 90% discount on a full-fare business-class or first-class companion fare each year and a $500 discount on a business class full fare ticket, with a free upgrade to first class every year; in addition to this, you will also get two free Asiana Club lounge passes yearly.

?Your Visa credit card is accepted almost anywhere. In case it is not accepted, you do not need to worry as you have an alternative; you can make use of checks to access your account without paying any extra charge.

Elementary Features

Now go through the highlights of the Bank of America - Asiana Visa Platinum credit cards:

?The card has a low introductory APR of 1.9%, which is valid for a period of 6 months.

?The regular Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is fixed at 6.99%. It will be prudent on your part not to carry any balance, as this might go against your prospects of winning better rewards and might not be able to take advantage of the annual ticket discounts.

Platinum Privileges

The Bank of America - Asiana Visa Platinum credit card gifts you some special platinum privileges, which include firstly a credit line of up to $25000, free photo security card, luggage and theft insurance, travel insurance, rental insurance as well as security protection.

Other Assistance

Bank of America - Asiana Visa Platinum ensures you full security, as all application forms offer secure SSL technology. The card also has a zero liability program, which protects you from illegal purchases on Internet. It does not hold you responsible for damaged items or misdirected items you purchase, neither will you be blamed if your card is stolen. You can also request for large-print and Braille credit card statements.