Business Jetblue From American Express

by : Richard Gilliland

Business JetBlue Credit card is the outcome of the joint efforts of American Express and JetBlue airlines. If you are one of those who frequently avail the services of the JetBlue Airways, then you have an ideal credit card in Business JetBlue from American Express.

You can extract the maximum benefits out of Business JetBlue Card from American Express only if you have enough credit to make monthly payments on time. So, those of you who can afford to pay in full each month after the introductory rate expires (to evade finance charges), can well benefit from the remarkable reward program of Business JetBlue Credit Card from American Express.

Highlights Of The Reward Program

To get detailed information about the reward program of Business JetBlue from American Express go through the following:

?The rewards program awards you a dollar for each dollar you spend on the card. You will receive additional 2 points (award dollars) for each dollar you spend on JetBlue flights, car rentals, wireless phone charges, gas, office supplies and equipment. Also, earn double award dollars for what you spend at movie theaters, concerts, golf courses, restaurants and other places of entertainment.

?A 5% discount will be given to you on any JetBlue flight in addition to other rewards program points and savings.

?Your first purchase will reap 5000 bonus award points. (Your statement credit should be at least $50).

Here it would be necessary to highlight that 200 award-dollars amount to one TrueBlue point and 100 TrueBlue points earn you a one round-trip flight in JetBlue.

Other Features

Take a look at some of the other features of Business JetBlue from American Express, which might concern you:

?The Business JetBlue card has annual fee of $40, a quite reasonable fee as compared to other airline reward cards.

?Though the average interest rates are high, you will be able to save money on free reward flights if you are able to pay your monthly balance in full.

?Your rewards will not expire as long as you earn points or there is some redemption activity in your account within a 1-year period. The TrueBlue awards expire after 1 year of issuance.

?Through the OPEN Savings program, you can also avail automatic discounts at leading merchants.

Special Benefits From The Card

Business JetBlue from American Express allows a lot of additional benefits you would love to have such as - special Internet account related services, entrance to the OPEN Savings Network, Automatic bill payment and account alerts, extended warranty for purchases, Auto rental insurance, Purchase protection, insurance for Travel accident, Emergency card replacement, various travel and emergency assistance services.