Simply Cash From American Express Rewards

by : Richard Gilliland

The Simply Cash from American Express is a Business card paving a rather simple way for business owners to acquire the resources for their businesses as well as earn cash back on their purchases. The Simply Cash Business card is specifically designed for those of you with outstanding credit and planning to capitalize on the cash back reward program.

Simply Cash from American Express has a handsome reward program, discover it yourself from the information below:

Reward Program

If you are a small business owner Simply Cash Business Card can earn you

?Minimum rebate of 1% on almost all purchases
?Maximum of 5% rebate on selected category of purchases

Remember you will earn cash back automatically, along with monthly statement credits.

Other rebates include a 5% rebate on purchases like automobile gasoline, wireless telephone services, equipment in office and other supplies.

These rewards are routinely credited to the your statement each month and the extent to which you can earn cash back has no limit.

Elementary Features

Take a look at the basic features of Simply Cash from American Express:

?You need to pay no annual fee
?The rate of interest is reasonably low for balance transfers and purchases
?You will also enjoy the benefit of 0% introductory rate on purchases for the first twelve months
?You are allowed a 7.99% introductory rate on balance transfers for the life of the loan provided that the balance transfers are completed within the initial six months.

In contrast to traditional cards from American Express, with Simply Cash Business Card you can carry a balance from month to month when it is necessary, else you can also pay your balance in full each month. What makes Simply Cash from American Express so popular is that you are not charged a single farthing (no annual fee) either way!

Special Features

Go through some of the interesting features of the OPEN(r) program of Simply Cash Business card to find out whether this is what you were looking for:

OPEN(r) program

The Simply Cash from American Express facilitates accessibility to the OPEN(r) network - the small business team of American Express that does everything for small businesses and their owners, locating resources and discounts and helping the owners run their businesses.

American Express allows you to get as many Simply Cash cards to your account as essential without any fee. Now, if you feel necessary, you can provide each of your employees with Simply Cash Business Card to pay for qualified expenses and in turn, you will earn cash back on each of those purchases.

This OPEN(r) program provides you the following:

?Open Savings - It gives you incessant savings on travel and shipping expenses with Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Hertz, Delta and FedEx and many more just by using your Business Card. These savings are in addition to any savings and discounts that you may have already received.

?Online Management - Your account is managed proficiently and you can get the summary of your accounts and track charges from the Expense Management Reports.

?Community - You can pose questions, chat and even get insights from other small business owners, all the while exploring new business possibilities.

?Advice - You can seek the advice of experts through the online tool and there are articles by other business owners which you can read

Simply Cash from American Express lets you take the various additional services and benefits available with other cards such as travel purchase protection, accident insurance, and special discounts from selected retail outlets.