The Dangers of Second Hand Refrigeration Equipment

by : equipmentster

Second hand refrigeration equipment is often thought to be good value for money for the small to medium catering or leisure business. Unfortunately, as many will testify, this is a false economy. Commercial refrigeration depends on reliability and quality, and even the best second hand equipment can't offer that with certainty. The only way to personally ensure your business is covered is to invest in new refrigeration equipment. This will largely come with a warranty for a given period, which will afford peace of mind in the face of disaster. If your business depends on refrigeration, it is crucial that you invest in the proper equipment to avoid paying through the nose for repairs and spare parts.

Buying a second hand commercial refrigerator isn't as simple as buying a second hand car or van. With a second hand car, you get the chance to inspect the engine (if you know what you are looking for), look around for the tell tale signs of rust and degeneration, and maybe even take a test drive to determine other aspects of performance that aren't immediately obvious. Additionally, you can generally get a fair idea of the state of the vehicle simply by looking at it, which means you can weigh up your decision effectively, even without a trained eye. Add to that a record of past ownership and an indication of level of use through mileage and you're going to be capable of forming a rounded opinion. Now consider refrigeration equipment. When buying second hand, there's no test drive. There's no opportunity to inspect the engine, or rather the compressor, because you can't see inside the unit. There's simply no way to gauge by looking at the unit, and even with a trained eye, you'd find it hard to predict

the lifespan of any particular second hand unit. On top of that, there's no way of knowing how old the unit is, or under what conditions it has been used. In fact, you don't even know that the unit is working effectively, and there's no way to tell until it ruins stock. Furthermore, you might find a great price on a second hand unit, but it's likely you will end up spending double or more on repairs within the first six months of use, and you won't find any warranty in place to cover these costs.

With new equipment, you are firstly guaranteed that the unit is clean, in addition to knowing it is up to date technology. You know the compressor is clean and free of any restrictions and dirt, and you know it's running perfectly unless you have to rely on the warranty. In fact with most new units, it's rare to see a need for repairs years beyond any warranty the manufacturers give. Although new equipment might be more expensive in terms of capital outlay, the cost of keeping the machine going will be significantly less over the long term, which will save you money as well as produce better results.