Citi At&t Universal Platinum Card

by : Richard Gilliland

Citibank is a company favored for its commitment towards its customers. A proud member of Citigroup, the bank issues some of the best-known credit cards with a package of rewards, commendable charges and great security cover.

The Citi AT&T Universal Platinum Card is one such card from Citibank that has been designed to satisfy those of you who yearn for a credit card, which could also be used as a prepaid calling card. This card requires you to have good credit rating so that you can take advantage of platinum level benefits.

Special Benefits

Citi AT&T Universal Platinum cards offer you a multitude of perks and benefits that you can never find in a traditional credit card.

You can call the Citi AT&T Universal Platinum Card a credit card as well as a calling card. The card might cost you more for calls than normal services if you use it as a calling card. Yet, if you consider the emergencies, you will find the card thoroughly beneficial as it allows you to access a variety of AT&T calling plans.

Now suppose you are on the road and your cell phone is not working and you are required to use the public pay phone - Citi AT&T Universal Platinum Card can prove very handy. There are also other benefits as below:

?Firstly, you get upto 30 free phone minutes per month anytime and anywhere

?Two free directories for assisting your inquiries per month

?For replacement coverage, you are reimbursed with wireless phone loss and theft insurance

Elementary Features

Citi AT&T Universal Platinum Card also offers some exciting basic features. Find out the features from the following:

?The introductory APR 0% on new purchases and balance transfers for 12 months allows you to save and manage your finances. With the expiry of the introductory period the interest rates remain competitive and low.

?If you have balances on other cards charging high interest rates Citi AT&T card allows you to transfer balance without any interest during the introductory period.

?However, for the cash advances, you have a minimum cap of 19.99%; this implies that no matter how much the LIBOR Rate dips (the APR is associated with the LIBOR Rate), the interest rate will never decline, below the minimum cap.

?There is no annual fee to be charged

Additional Perks

There can be no better advantages than what the Citi AT&T Universal Platinum Card offers. There is an assortment of platinum benefits to assist your journeys and guard your purchases. Check the following for your satisfaction:

?With the card, you can make online purchases confidently, as your card automatically entitles you to purchase protection, merchant dispute resolution and extended warranties for your purchases.

?The security measures like fraud early warning and Citi identity theft solutions protect you from credit card frauds.

?AT&T Universal Platinum allows you to enjoy a hassle free travel with lost wallet service, emergency airline ticket replacement, and lost and damaged luggage insurance. If suppose you lose your wallet, once you contact AT&T Universal you get a new one through emergency cash replacement.

?You may feel safe to rent a car for your travel as your credit card includes automobile rental insurance and upto $1000000 travel accident insurance.