Citi Premier Pass Card

by : Richard Gilliland

Citibank is a company that boasts of its vast global coverage. The bank serves over 100 countries throughout the world. If your business takes you to different destinations you can always choose Citibank for its consistent schedule. Moreover, if you are looking for a credit card, Citibank is world's leader.

For the frequent flyers, Citibank's Citi Premier Pass Card is a perfect one. Now, if you fly too often, this Card has great free air miles rewards to offer for you that are redeemable with multiple airlines. With no "blackout dates" to worry about, you can plan your travel as per requirement.

Equipped with the Citi Premier Pass Card, you will have much more than a mere pleasurable journey as the card rewards you in many ways for spending with it. Thus, you can use your points for the purchase of merchandise or ask for credits on your billing statements, the choice will be all yours.

Nonetheless, bear in mind the fact that you can afford the Citi Premier Pass Card only if you have an excellent credit record.

Reward Program

The Citibank's Citi Premier Pass credit card presents an exceptional rewards program for you. On buying airplane tickets with the card, you earn flight points and whenever you purchase other goods with it, you earn Purchase Points and Spend Points.

The special "Thank You" program designed by Citibank thanks you (appreciates and rewards you) for using the card and allows you points on purchases with the card. Go through the details of rewards program, which follows:

?For every dollar spent on purchases, you earn a point. Again, you receive one flight point for every three miles that you fly.

?You can even purchase airline tickets for your family and friends and earn points for the miles they fly.

?On your first purchase with the card, 5000 bonus points are added to your account within 60 days of issuance of the card.

?Your points are redeemable not only for flights, also for gift certificates, merchandise, and statement credits through the Thank You SM Network.

Basics Of The Card

Citibank has adopted an entirely different approach with the Citi Premier Pass Card to simplify the intricacies for you, which is reflected in the basic features of the card mentioned as under:

?The card offers you an attractive 0% introductory rate on balance transfers for twelve months

?As the introductory period of your card expires, the rate for purchases and balance transfers climbs higher, but it is still reasonable at 10.99%.

?Citi Premier Pass Card does not charge you any annual fee. Actually that means the rewards you earn are bonuses not the perks that you get for paying a membership fee.

Extra Advantages

You have a glut of benefits to reap from Citi Premier Pass Card like online access to your account to help you check your statements and unbilled activity online and also to make payments to your account via the internet. The other facilities include alerting service (in case of credit fraud), electronic statements, fast phone help, plastic ATM cards, and a whole world of other benefits.