Details Of The Chase Platinum Business Card Application

by : Beth Derkowitz

Getting a Chase Platinum Business Card is something to consider. There are several benefits offered to those that qualify for this credit card including the ability to take advantage of 12 billing cycles of 0% interest rate. Those that are looking for a solid credit card for their business or business expense account should consider what the Chase Platinum Business Card can do for those needs. With so many options out there costing so much more, this is the card to have in your wallet.

The Details

The Chase Platinum Business Card provides for several benefits to those that are looking for a good account for business related costs. This credit card is designed for those that have a very good credit rating. It is designed to provide twelve months of 0% interest through the introductory rate. After that period, the interest rate is still low at 11.99% variable. For cash advances, you will find 23.99% acceptable as well.

This credit card offered by Chase does use the two cycles average daily balance method for calculating interest. If you carry large balances from month to month on this credit card, you may find this to be less than the ideal choice for your needs. Yet, you get all of the benefits of a good credit card to go along with it. There is no annual fee. Your maximum credit limit can be as high as $35,000 depending on your specific needs. You can also benefit from balance transfers.

In addition to these things, the Chase Platinum Business Card provides for ideal benefits including savings up to 20% of business related merchandise, emergency cash replacement, lost and stolen card protection, one million dollars in travel accident insurance and auto rental insurance. You get quarterly financial statements and purchase protection as well.

The Chase Platinum Business Card provides for all the necessary benefits that a business line of credit should have. You will find it to be one of the best in low rates and the longest introductory periods. It is sure to become a staple in your wallet.