Details Of The Citi Platinum Select Card

by : Joshua Shapiro

The Citi Platinum Select Card, which is offered by Citibank, was created for individuals with a good credit history. This card is a great platinum card with many of the standard services and benefits that are associated with Citibank.

Some of the platinum cardholder benefits that this MasterCard provides are auto rental insurance, fraud protection services and even up to $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance. These benefits are standard for most platinum cards.

The Citi Platinum Select Card has no annual fee, which is nice considering it is a platinum MasterCard. It has an introductory rate of 0% for both purchases and balance transfers, which is another attractive feature. Cardholders do not have to submit the balance transfers during your application for the card to get that low rate. They can be submitted at any time during that first twelve months.

Once the introductory rate expires, the variable APR of 10.99% is quite reasonable and is determined by the "Average Daily Balance" method. The variable APR jumps for cash advances to 22.99% and has a minimum cap. Even when the Prime Rate falls, the interest rate for cash advances on this card will not go below the minimum that Citibank has instituted. There is no cost for additional cards on the account, either.

Although there is no annual fee for the Citi Platinum Select Card, there are fees when you go over your credit limit, when you get a cash advance, and when you transfer balances (after the introductory offer). These charges are common for any credit card. A grace period of 20 days applies to all charges on the card.

So, when looking for a card with standard services and benefits, no annual fee, and an attractive introductory offer, the Citi Platinum Select Card may be just the MasterCard to look at. Although it has nothing extraordinary to offer, it is a credit card that may be just what you need.