The Lowdown on Discover Student Card

by : Eric Wasselman

Students have all the luck. As they do not have a credit history, they start on a clean slate and some credit card companies won't hold this against them. This is why corporations such as Morgan Stanley offer the Discover Student Classic Card which is specially catered to meet the needs of students.

Some of the benefits that the Discover Student Card offer would be a cash rebate of 5% on purchases at participating merchant stores, double cash-back bonuses through gift redemption programs and rebates with partner discount stores. Points gathered through charges made to the card will remain valid if the account remains active for 3 years.

Apart from that, students who first apply for the card will also enjoy a 0% introductory APR for half a year in addition to a credit limit of $5000. However, even though there are no annual fees attached to the Discover Student Card, the finance charges are tabulated based on a two-cycle average daily balance system. This means that if a user with an outstanding balance for two consecutive months will be charged with an interest rate based on the average of the outstanding balance for these two months.

This means that interest charges are higher, an attribute where many past users of this card find to be a nuisance. Nevertheless, those who settle their balances on time will not be inconvenienced by this.

Another setback to this card would be the fact that Discover credit cards are not as widely accepted internationally unlike MasterCard and Visa, although widely used in the United States. This means that users one may need another card of that is more internationally-known for emergency purposes.

The card provider has a way to offset this Achilles heel through their excellent fraud protection program. Irregular use of the card immediately refers the card to the fraud department for examination, rendering the card useless temporarily until they have ruled out unauthorized usage of the card, providing Discover Student Card users with full protection against identity theft.