Taking Back Control Of Your Debt

by : Anthony Dean

Debt is a situation increasing numbers of people in the Western world are finding themselves in; once you have admitted that there is a money problem, you can start making arrangements to clear the debts. So, to recap, a person should take their debt relief problems seriously before it gets too late. The best way to beat the debt stress is to learn how to manage your finances more thoroughly.

Do not let panic over the situation rule your actions as you will probably end up in a worse predicament. Although hard, it will pay you in the long term to continue to make your monthly repayments on any loans and find other ways to save money.

Step one is to sit down and list all your monthly expenses and place them into columns of those that must be paid and those that you can live without. Cut your credit card usage, then start paying for goods in cash again and the psychological act of seeing the money physically leave your hands will make you more careful how you spend it.

One method is to set aside money for your debt relief that you would normally spend on non-essential items and call it your repayment fund; although it will take a while to grow, patience is the key to paying debts. By reducing the amount of entertainment you have on a regular basis will allow even more money to go into your fund and your debts will disappear faster.

There are times when debts are mounting and there is equity in your home it may seem like a good idea to refinance your mortgage and pay off your debts but this just means they will last much longer. You must consider your reasons for wanting to refinance and whether it is just to have extra cash available because other options are available.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul is a system whereby you remove cash from your credit card account to pay the debts accrued on it, but this really is a short term debt relief solution as it increases the balance on it. Where the situation is so bad that there are no other solutions, then bankruptcy should be considered but only after an in depth discussion with a debt counselor or a bankruptcy attorney.

Unfortunately, some people in debt avoid bankruptcy and resort to using their individual retirement account to help pay their debts but you are on a slippery slope if you take this route. Should you decide to use your IRA then be aware of how it will affect your long term financial future and you may just reconsider this as a method of debt relief.