Credit and Debt Help in Tennessee

by : Ronnica Rothe

If you are in Tennessee and struggling with credit or debt problems, you are not alone. There are credible agencies in Tennessee able and willing to counsel you in your financial problems and help you come up with solutions.

A reputable credit counseling agency in Tennessee can give you appropriate financial advice to meet your needs. The credit counselor you meet with should be certified and experienced in the field. A good credit counselor will discuss your budget it with you and provide you appropriate options on how to get out of debt. The credit counselors you meet at the following agencies should live up to these standards.

If you are in the eastern part of the state such as in Oak Ridge, Morristown, Alcoa, Johnson City, or Knoxville, credit counselors at CCCS of East Tennessee can work with you. Those in Memphis, Bartlett, and the surrounding area can contact the Family Service Agency for help eliminating credit card debt. The Partnership for Families, Children and Adults provides credit counseling for those in Chattanooga and Dayton, while American Credit Counselors serves Kingsport. Residents of Murfreesboro can contact CCCS of Middle Tennessee, Inc. for more information about their credit counseling services. For those in the Nashville area, Vision Credit Education, Inc. is available for credit counseling and can be reached by calling (866) 832-2826.

While there are many reputable agencies in your area such as the ones listed above, be careful about companies who are less than reliable. Do not do business with a credit counselor that requires large fees up front. Do not sign up for any plan or loan that you do not understand or that you are being pressured into.

Always ask any questions you may have that you may receive the most benefit from your counseling session. If you anticipate a change of financial circumstances in the future, relate that to your counselor as well as they can give you precautionary advice.

Getting serious about eliminating credit card debt is an important step to take to gain freedom from credit card bills. Talk to your Tennessee credit counselor today.