Is Transferring Credit Card Debt Wise?

by : David Dutch

You will see a large number of credit cards that offer you the opportunity of transferring an outstanding debt from other cards usually for zero interest although they all charge a transfer fee of between 2% & 3%, this is a well known means of attempting to offset bills in a lots more organized fashion. However never think it is the total solution, the amount you transfer across MUST be cleared within the zero rate periods; otherwise it will incur high interest rates and compound your problem. When considering this course of action divide the amount you wish to transfer by the number of months of the zero rate can you afford this amount plus your regular spend on the credit card?

People who end up in credit card debt frequently defaults in their payment of credit card bills and end up chewing far more than they can swallow. Sometimes failing to clear the debt by even a small amount can build to a large debt over a period of time.

Before going on with this piece, I think it's essential to ask you - have you read the first part of this article with an open mind and an attentive attitude? What one gains from reading an insightful article is largely dependent on his/her desire and commitment to get the meat out of what he/she is reading. Keep reading with an open mind as well as an attentive attitude and I'm certain it will all become very clear, about "Credit Cards".

Credit card rates in addition to charges can be effectively compared against each other on the Internet before a definite choice is made.

If you are considering transferring a debt from one card to another to take advantage of zero or reduced interest rates, you should target the credit card firm that charges the highest interest rate on your debt and get rid of first before paying attention to the rest of your debts.

If you are a person who loves shopping at a particular retail outlet, seek if the outlet supplies credit cards is an excellent way of getting a credit card suited to your needs.

Quite a new innovation is the prepaid credit card. The new cash plus Gold card is a Master Card prepaid card. This means that like a pay as you go phone, you need to put money on to the account before you can use it. It is not a debit card that is linked to a bank account or credit card where you pay for your transactions at a later date. It's a pay as you go Master Card Pre-Paid Card. You just top it up - it's easy!With a cash plus card you top-up what you want to spend and manage your money in a hassle-free way. And it's safer than carrying cash.