Gas Credit Cards and Various Deals Available

by : Elisa

Majority of people who own a car have to face similar problems because the cost of fuels does not cease to increase and thus it puts a definite financial load to all car owners. So, what the car owner needs to do is to cut down on expenses going up in gas mileage. The answer to this problem is given by the creation of "gas credit card".

?This category of gas credit card is very useful. It offers convenience to car owners when purchasing gas for use. High rebates and promotions are being provided constantly on gas credit card offers. For finding the best deals, one has to browse the Internet for more information. There are a range of Internet sites that provide links to different gas companies that include Citgo, Hess, Conoco, Marathon and Phillips 66. Additionally, it is possible that obtaining a gas credit card will allow the holders to use it in purchasing gas at several gasoline stations.

?Various gas companies do their best to attract car owners to purchase their gas credit card from them. They even offer rebates up to 10 per cent upon 60 days of acquisition then it continues at a 5 per cent rebate. Some gas credit cards do not charge annual fees to their clients for a period of one year. The clients are also entitled to make 9 purchases within that year without paying the required annual fee of ninety dollars on the next year. It proves to be very beneficial for the clients to have a 0% annual percentage rate (APR) on balance transfers Credit Cards.

?Some companies contain online sites to make the process of application for gas credit cards easier and to fulfill the need of costumers with an immediate and a quality service. In addition this advantage, gas credit cards also offer a 6 per cent rebate within a period of ninety days which is very good to use for any gas purchases. If ever the period is about to expire, the car owners still enjoy a 1% rebate upon any purchase at grocery stores, restaurants and clothing retailers. A 0% annual percentage rate is also constant over a period of nine months. It is the much better option that the client obtains a gas credit card which is below 14% rates and does not charge them annual fees. The company also offers a waiving option to their clients in which the annual fees are waived into a minimum of 9 purchases within a period of one year.