Know The benefits When Shopping For A New Credit Card

by : Scott Riefler

Using credit cards to start a new business venture is not a new idea. Many successful startups were funded using the owners' credit cards. Even more unsuccessful businesses were funded the same way leaving the owner no choice but to file chapter seven.

If you have a great idea but, just lacking a little cash to see it your project off the ground, using credits may be better than taking a personal loan. If your credit is good you can most likely get it a lot faster too without having a loan officer hassle you for hours like they seem to like to do.

Doing some research on new credit cards I recently learned many new things. They are several different kinds of groups or categories of cards. There are card for students still in high school where the parents co-sign for the young adult.

What a great lesson in life to learn about debt and financial responsibility so early in life. Makes me think about the time when I borrowed my parents car and worked all summer break to pay them back for the damage I did to it one night out late with the boys.

There are also new cards for young adults in collage trying to pay for the semesters books. There cards have a low spending balance and a very high interest rate. Must be a lot of students do not like to pay their new credit card off. I believe these cards also require a signature from mom and pop. They can always lean on mom and pop when junior goes default.

Cash back cards allow you to make a purchase and if you pay your card back in full the following month, allow you to get a 5% cash back refund on your purchases. A refund card could be useful if you are taking your family on a vacation down to Florida for a week or two. If you do a lot of driving this could also be useful keeping the price of gas a little lower. I noticed a few companies offer these kinds of services.

Business cards seemed to offer low interest rates on purchases. Many cards start off zero interest for the first six months and a few even offer zero interest for the first year. Many card companies try to get you to transfer your balance to them so they offer a low introductory rate. Many business credit cards also offer a very high spending limit. I remember my grandfather having a card with a 100,000 limit going back thirty years ago. I know many cards offer 25,000 and above today because I owned one before.

Travel card also offer a high limit and rebates on hotel, air tickets and car rental. They also give special discounts if you shop in certain locations both on and offline. Some of the business cards offer insurance for travel and some offer in case you happen to lose your job and can not pay the card balance right away; you get yourself a grace period.

In closing, there are many new credit cards out there with services and benefits that outweigh other cards. A savvy business person should know their cards and know their positive and negative features of each card. Today, with all the choices out there it makes since to have more than just one card in your wallet. A smart business person should shop all the features of the new cards out there and have a few cards to pick from when making a credit card purchase.