How to Fill a Credit Card Application

by : Clint Jhonson

Having a credit card or even more than one it is not uncommon anymore. Most of the banks have websites that let you do online banking and most of the credit card applications can be done online too. It is easy to get a credit card report online and fill in an application for a credit card. The best part of it all is that you can usually get approved in a very short period of time if you qualify, and you do not have to wait several days to complete the whole process through regular mail.

If you already know at which bank you want to fill in a credit card application, then you can simply go to their webpage, look for the "apply for a credit card now" button, fill in the application and wait for their answer. Of course getting approved depends on how good your credit history is but now there are several credit card applications one can fill in even if they have a poor credit history. A lot of times if you have a good credit history banks will mail you credit card applications. This does not mean you have to apply for a credit card if you do not want one. However these letters might help you decide which credit card you want to apply for and at which bank. If you are not too familiar or too comfortable with the Internet, you can fill in a credit card application and mail it back to the bank. This back and forth mailing process can take several weeks, and if you need the money fast it is not a good solution.

When you apply for a credit card no matter if it is online or through regular mail you have to fill in a series of personal information and answer a few questions. As with any other type of applications it is important to fill in all the spaces with accurate information especially since you sign the application and agree that the information submitted is true. Even if you fill in credit card applications online and you get approved it does not mean that you have instant access to the line of credit. But an application that is correctly filled in will definitely shorten the period of time from the moment you got approved and until you actually receive the money. If you fill in your credit card application online you should make sure the site is secure and you have a firewall. Remember you will be asked to provide personal information about yourself and your household, employer's contact and others.

The first part of any application will require you to fill in your full name, address and telephone numbers, your date of birth, your social security number, and your mother's maiden name. You also have to provide citizenship information. The housing information section asks about the type of house you live in, if you own in or rent it, if you have mortgage on it, for how long you have been living in it and so on. The income information section asks about accounts you have opened, if they are savings or checking accounts, and you have to estimate your annual household income. A lot of the banks will ask you about your current job, the address of the company, the position you have at the working place and for how long you have been working there. Also before filling in an online application you should make sure you were not denied another line of credit in the previous 6 months.